The Pico Club, first formed back in 1998, is Australia's FIRST and largest club for paramotor/hangmotor pilots.
The Pico Club organises the annual Milbrulong PPG/PHG Fly-In in September every year. We provide avenues for pilots to share knowledge and provide a means of member communication by running the Pico Club Facebook group and Pico Club web site. You can JOIN HERE it's free!

Upcoming Fly-in's

Passionate About Powered Paragliding.

Powered Paragliding, or "paramotoring - PPG" as it is often called, has been around in Australia since the 1980's. Back then it was small motorcycle engines in homemade frames running direct drive props. Now it is specially designed high performance motors in high tech, lightweight frames with most often carbon fibre props and sealed gearboxes.

In Australia to fly a paraglider or use a paramotor you need to hold a suitable flying license and be a member of the Hang Gliding Federation of Australia. A paragliding/PPG license course can take roughly 10 - 20 days depending upon weather and instructors/flying schools information is available below.

Many of our club members have been flying since the conception of the sport so there is no shortage of experience for new pilots to draw upon. Our club safety officers and club mentors are always willing to help with advice. For the list of these pilots please click here >>